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For us who are building a product line, we always want to keep the MOQ low. Below are some of my good friends who provide manufacturing and sampling services, mainly based in Hong Kong. If you would like to know more about resources like these, be sure to subscribe to my email list as I will be sharing more there.

Low MOQ Manufacturing


1. Clothing – get in touch with my good friend and previous co-owner of my 1-year pop-up shop in Soho Hong Kong, Kei. He has his own fashion line Creature de Keis for over 10 years, is a frequent tailored clothing go-to-person for various fashion stylists, and has an apparel sampling/manufacturing business as well. Small quantities can be possible. Message him directly here.


handbag manufacturing in low MOQ

1. Bags – of course you can ask me anything! My family has been manufacturing bags for over 40 years and we can help you handle the sampling, and produce in small quantities as low as 50pcs per colorway. My own bag label GLUSH/‘s products are made with this low MOQ privilege (of course it was me suggesting it when I first started my private label!). Our normal production capacity is 5,000+pcs but we see value in new designers and would love to help you grow.

2. Phone cases – I have made various iPhone cases with gloss, matte, hard, soft plastic finishings. Or if you are keen on leather, it could be done too. MOQ depends on the designs, but can be below 100pcs.

3. Eyewear – one of my readers asked me about sunglasses manufacturers. And the privilege of living in this part of the world is the small yet tight group of network in which you can simply get connected with a blink of an eye. I got in touch with Emily, founder of her label Genic Eyewear and representative of a family business of eyewear manufacturing. Their MOQ can be as low as 50pcs per style. Email her for more details.

Fabrics & Materials

colorful dyed yarns

1. Textile digital printing & T-shirt printing – I have previously asked my friend Alien to help me with digital printing for my bags (like this clutch). He started his business in 2005, and is a crazily talented screen printing artist. He is based in Hong Kong, and can print by piece. Contact him here.

2. Tie-dye fabrics – When I tried out this tie-dye workshop here in Hong Kong Lantau Island, I discovered that custom order service is available at Indigo 11.50 . Check with it’s founder Max for more details on the MOQ.

*I wouldn’t suggest Alibaba for manufacturing as it’s an ocean with factories of varied quality and commitment levels. But if you have tried any with great experiences, let me know!

All the above are the ones I have previously tried with great quality achieved. I have more manufacturer contacts for other fashion products such as shoes, fine jewelries, textiles…etc, but they are not necessarily accepting orders for small quantities – their MOQ would probably be somewhere around 300-500pcs/colorway per style. As mentioned earlier, I will be sharing more LOW MOQ resources via email – subscribe below if you are keen to know more.

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